WOD: 3-14-13

Skill:  Push Jerk

WOD L1:  For time:

400M Run
40 Sit Ups
20 Pendlay Rows (85/55)
400M Run
30 Sit Ups
15 Pendlay Rows (85/55)
400M Run
20 Sit Ups
10 Pendlay Rows (85/55)

WOD L2:  For time of:

400M Run
21 Toes to Bar
21 Pendlay Rows (115/75)
400M Run
15 Toes to Bar
15 Pendlay Rows (115/75)
400M Run
9 Toes to Bar
9 Pendlay Rows (115/75)


Cat is out of the bag…

As it turns out cats also love to do Box Jumps so you better get ready.  You are either squirming with joy, indifferent, or clueless as to why I am talking about cats.  Despite of whatever camp you fall in, we will have a full description of the feel for the workout tomorrow night.  However, before you get angry that your reps are not being called, PLEASE NOTE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING THINGS:

  • Lock out your knees when you Push Jerk (and you should absolutely be doing a Push Jerk)
  • Stand all the way up on your Deadlift (pop your hips like a boss)
  • Stand all the way up on your box (the way we have practiced FOREVER)

More to come later.  Make sure you mobilize and rest today if you are planning on killing it on Friday.

Let’s get it meow,




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